Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crazy Love

FYI...this post is in response to Crazy Love at  in case you are wondering :0

Sometimes God calls us to do things that normally just do not make sense...or, rather, from a worldly, human perspective does not make any sense at all. Sometimes, there is just a decision or choice to obey or not obey whatever God is calling us to do. We can not always understand why God asks us or calls us to certain is just a matter of obedience, trust, and faith. That is where we are. So here is our story of Crazy Love and our need:
    We are stepping out in faith and trusting that God has the details already figured out :) If you read our blog often then you know that we have 3 bio children-Anna(15), Amanda(11), and JonMarc(7) and two adopted daughters from China Jordyn(10) and Jailynn(7). Our oldest son does not live at home right now, and we are praying for him that He will turn his heart back to the Lord. We also have Noah(2) our precious grandson with us, and Ivy(16) our exchange student from China. So that is a total of 7 kiddos under our simple 4 bedroom roof, Makes for exciting times! Anna and Ivy are exceptional and awesome teens. Ivy has also given her life to Jesus since she has been with us and was babtized. Anna and Ivy both have a Bible study at thier public school to lead their friends to the Lord. Just to brag on them a little.
     Last year in May while I was in China completing Jailynn's adoption Tim and I both lost our jobs at the same time which was quite devestating. My job let me go while I was on leave of absence adopting my daughter one day before my one year aniversary. If I had remained employed I was getting an employee adoption reimbursement of $ 5000. Talk about a convenient layoff timing??. Tim was just laid off due to the economy. Now we did not really share about our needs at the time. We were just trying to make it through each day and adjust with Jailynn. That was a difficult time that I do not like to think about. Anyway, I am a RN so I bounced back quickly and we made it and we are still making it. Tim is still looking for a permament job:however, he has loved being home with the kids and if I didn't know better I would think that was part of God's reasons and how he used it for our good. The kids are closer to their daddy and we have learned what is important and what is not. We moved back to a small town in a DW with cheap monthly bills. Hey, I'm down with that. No shame here in a DW home! Tim and I have always been givers and tithers and involved in church. Although we have not been able to give as much as we like. Currently, We belong to Lakepointe Church and we are active in the adoption ministry. We felt that God called us to join Lakepointe when we moved to TX in 2006 which was also the beginning of our first adoption of Jordyn. She was 8 yrs old when she was adopted and she accepted Jesus as her saviour before she could speak fluent English. Jordyn is like she has always belonged with us and we adore her. Jailynn was 6 yrs old when we adopted her and she is a firecracker!! Very spunky, funny, spicy Hunan girl. She brings more laughter and joy into our home. Jordyn and Jailynn came from the same orphanage and were very close like sisters. Jordyn missed her so much and we prayed that God would open the doors for us to adopt her. In 2008, China made the Waiting Child SN list and that was our open door that we went barging through. God provided miraculously for both our adoptions through our church, grants, family, and friends. We just paid off some of Jailynn's adoption and only owe 5500 more. Thank you God.
God is good. Now, He has asked us to adopt another hunan spicygirl that is also from the same orphanage. I had thought that we were finished adopting but this child has stayed on my heart. I thought that we could not possibly do this again but here we are with our PA and in the paper chase phase. Our need is with adoption expenses. We are planning some fundraisers and saving like crazy. I hope that someone will read our story and consider helping us reunite the three girls and bring Jaidyn home. We are also working on our grandson becoming permament and so we actually have 2 adoptions at the same time. YIKES!!! But I know God is faithful to provide when we step out in faith. And that is what we have done. We are in need of Noah's legal fees of 2000 as well as the funding for our third China adoption. That is all I will say. I know this is long. Thank you for readng this and if we are nominated or recieve any gifts we will be forever grateful because you are helping us save two children. Blessings.

Jordyn and Jailynn.
Jordyn and Anna
Anna and Jailynn
Anna and Amanda
Noah...needing a haircut.
Sweet Anna


Aus said...

Wow - Melanie - that's quite the post! Blessings on you guys (you already know what a lot of them are - we're parents!) We'll keep a look out for anything from the financial side that might help you out - grants etc - and point what we might find your way.

But I too know in my heart of hearts that the means will be there for you - they will!

hugs - aus and co.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it so much. I know that God will provide. Happ Easter! He is Risen!

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