Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jailynn's Prayer

I have a wonderful friend that is having a fundraiser for our family and I want to invite you to look at her blog she made for Jailynn. I am deeply touched by her efforts to help and amazed at her kindness. She adopted her daughter last year and Jordyn remembered helping the Nannies take care of her. The red thread has woven an amazing and beautiful connection and friendship.

I hope that you will visit her blog:

I am so happy to be doing this fundraiser for Jailynn. It just so happens that my daughter, Jordyn and Jailynn are all from the same orphanage. Jordyn would often help the Nannies with the little ones and one of those babies was Kira, my daughter. So it is with joy and hope that I return this favor of love and caring, to help Jailynn find her way to her waiting family and sister.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Our LOA offically arrived on our doorstep today!Now they call it the LSC-Letter Seeking Confirmation. This is the letter that we send back to China that says YES!! We still want to adopt You Yu (Jailynn). Once the CCAA recieves the letter, they will send our TA (travel approval) in 3-4 weeks. We will then get our appointments made and get our travel dates and itenerary in 2 weeks. The goal is to travel before The Chinese New Year holiday so our potential travel date could be Febuary 19th!!! My stomach has butterflies and I have tears in my eyes to think that we will soon be in China and have precious Jailynn in our arms!
Now, I have to share with you a very intereseting thing that happened as I was reading over the LSC and the Letter of Rehabilitation and Nurturing to the CCAA. I notice at the end of the letter there is a TYPO that says Thank you for your KING consideration. I laughed at first and then I begin to wonder about the typo and had a revelation of sort:
I believe that the typo done by human hands was not a mere accident but I believe it to be a devine confermation to me from my Father God. I believe that it confirms that HE- The King, My King- is in control of this adoption and putting families together. God is the Author and Finisher, and He is in control of my life, He has confirmed our adoption of Jailynn from the beginning of time, He has woven the RED THREAD together that connects to one another long before we knew anything about it. He is in control of our adoption, the finances we need to complete it, and every detail. I try very hard to be in control of things and when every thing seems out of my control, well, I tend to panic. I have tried very hard since before Christmas to get a second job as a RN to save money for our travel and it seems every door has shut before me. I have been so frustrated wondering why I can't seem to get a second job in a profession that is in need of nurses. Well, maybe God has sonething to do with the closed doors. He wants me to trust Him with every fabric of my being and realize I am not the one in control of this. God is in control. My family and children need me at home, and I have to trust Him-The KING- to finish what He started in our family. He will provide the means to bring Jailynn home. I do not have the answer or solution. I just have to let go and let God. Wait on Him. Have Faith in Him.
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By it the Elders obtained a good report, through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, So that the things which are seen were not made of the things which do appear. Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to God must believe that He Is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:1-3,6

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Closer to Bringing Jailynn Home

I write this post with a humble heart and hope for understanding of why I am writing this. We are almost at the end of our Journey to bring little Jailynn home and we find that we are still in need to raise the funds to complete her adoption. I want to share their unique story and I hope that anyone who reads this will understand.

Jordyn and Jailynn grew up together in the orphanage and became best friends and sisters. They were the oldest two children in the orphanage and had been there for a long time. Jordyn often looked after her little Mei Mei and played with her. She held her hand on the way to school. They loved each other dearly and understood each other. They had a special bond brought together by fate. Then, something happened that would change both of their lives forever. Jordyn had found a forever family and she would be adopted by her new family and live in America. Both girls were happy and sad at the same time. The new family sent a care package with lots of presents, and Jordyn gave the presents to her little Mei Mei to try and help her feel better. Jordyn also told her not to worry and that maybe her new family would adopt her too and bring her to America.

Meanwhile across the other side of the world, we prepared our home for Jordyn. During the long wait, I prayed for my new daughter that she would be healthy and well cared for until she could bring her home. An unexpected surprise came one day when I read my email. Another family had gone for a homeland visit with their two daughters and the youngest daughter was from the same orphanage. The family took pictures of Jordyn and Jailynn and wanted to share the pictures with Jordyn's new family. So we all gathered around the computer and they looked at the pictures together. Tim and I were in awe as we saw pictures of Jordyn sharing fruit with her little Mei Mei. . Tim and I looked at each other and asked “wouldn’t it be great if we could adopt both little girls and they could grow up together?” I treasured this thought and kept it hidden in my heart as a secret prayer. I knew it would be a miracle to keep them together because ofthe strict rules about adoption. So I kept my secret wish in my heart and prayed.
As the time drew closer for the two girls to part one another, they too kept a secret wish in their hearts, that one day the new family would come back for little Mei Mei and bring her home too. Finally, the time came and Jordyn met her family.As she learned to speak the new language better, she told me more about her Mei mei, how wuch she loved her and missed her. She told me how they played together and walked to school together. She also told her me that she told Jailynn that maybe we would adopt her too. Then, after 6 months of praying together for Jailynn, God made a way. A miracle happened and the Doors opened for Little Jailynn to be adopted. The rules were changed and a Database for all the older, waiting, and special needs Children was created to be seen by all the agencies and families that wanted to adopt. One day me and Jordyn her saw her picture in the adoption database. We then started the adoption process to bring Jailynn home. Now, the time is so close for the two girls to be reunited.
This is the true adoption story of Jordyn and Jailynn. We will travel sometime in February. We need help through prayer and we need to raise money to cover the travel expenses and orphanage donation fee. We are also raising money through working extra hours and overtime and hope to file our taxes soon to get our refund back before we travel. We have experienced some unexpected changes in that Joey and Kym have moved from South Dakota to Texas with their 3 babies and we are helping them get establised here. We also have had Jordyn's surgery and medical expenses this year and just paid off her adoption. We felt that we needed to step out in faith to adopt Jailynn because we believe that it is so important to keep the girls together. We knew that it would be difficult to adopt again so soon and believed that God would provide a way. I am reluctant to ask for help and post this but the time is drawing so close. It is hard to ask for help but I believe that God wil abundantly bless those that bless others and there is so much joy in giving. We will pay it forward one day. Will you open your heart up to these two girls and help us Bring Jailynn Home?

Jailynn's 1st Thanksgiving

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In case anyone was curious: Here are som pictures of my oldest son, Joey and his family. Joey and Kym have three children: my beloved grandbabies: Hayden 4yrs old, Noah 22 months old, and Phoenix 9 months old. We have been helping Joey and Kym get on their feet and they have been living with us since December. They are now able to get their own place and will move out in April. I will miss them and miss the babies. I will just have to babysit!

God Is Awesome!



I am Praising God tonight because He has Heard my cries and answered my prayers. We have recieved a generation donation from a wonderful family toward our fund raising efforts. We have also recieved generous donations from wonderful people through this website and through Jailynn's Prayer. So far, the total fundraising has reached a total of $4000!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank You! Thank you to everyone for helping us to bring Jailynn home! We are hoping to travel sometime this month and still need to raise money. I know that God is providing for our family through the unselfish and generous giving from special and wonderful people like you!

We have our LOA!!

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