Friday, May 22, 2009

Homecoming Pictures! Jailynn is Finally Home!

The longest flight ever! Jailynn handled it very well and comforted her sister.

Finally meeting DiDi!

Awe....I hope the love and bonding continues!

Jailynn loves her Daddy and Didi!

Loving her Daddy!

meeting big brother Joey

Joey, Kym, Phoenix meet Jailynn

Mommy, Daddy,JonMarc, and Jailynn at JonMarc's Birthday party!

Jailynn hadfun at the party playing games.

JonMarc is 7 yrs old!

Jailynn and jordyn loved dancing at ChuckieCheese

Happy Birthday to JonMarc!

More Birthday Fun!

Playing with Big Brother

More Dancing fun!

Two princesses aslpeep in their princess bed and pink room. Warms a Mothers heart!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visit to the Guanzhou Zoo

We decided to be brave and take our own taxi to the Zoo. The bravery paid off and the girls had a wonderful time at the zoo. This was Jailynn's very first time to visit the zoo and she loved it. Her favorite animals are Lions and Tigers. She loved them and kept calling out to them. The weather was very hot and humid which is why Jordyn was not to into getting her picture taken. Then we found the fountains and they could not resist to play in the water. I even ran through it a couple of times because we were so hot. The onlookers got a laugh out of us. THe picture of the blurry animal is a Huge Panda Bear. He was taking a nap and reminded us of Kung Fu panda. I wish that we had a better picture. We had a great day and Jailynn passed out in the taxi on the way home. Thank the Lord that the taxi had air condiion!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering our time in Changsha

Saying Goodbye to our guide Amy. She was wonderful and we will miss her!

Our last lunch together in Changsha...Anna and Jailynn

Jordyn is tired and hungry.

Mommy and her girls in front of the Museum.

Random people like to take picture with American family...They think Anna is very beautiful and that she is.

Not for the faint of heart...this is a 2000 yr old mummy lady that was discovered in a tomb in 1972. Her scientific autopsy revealed she had recently eaten watermelon before she died....very good to know. People ate watermelon 2000 yrs ago.

This is her robe from 2000 yrs ago. Everything was well preserved in the tomb because of the way it was buried. We now know how this special family lived. Interesting info.

This is a replica of what she may have looked like. This was an important family perhaps a govenor of the region.

Jailynn thought she was very beautiful.

Anna, Jailynn, and Jordyn in front of the museum.

More pics in front of the Museum.

Anna gives Jailynn a piggy-back ride.

Jailynn and our friend from the Dolton Hotel. We remember him from when we adopted Jordyn. We called him the Hi, Hello, Goodbye man because that is what he always said to us.

Meeting Susan Ma at the Hotel. Susan Ma is a very special family friend and we enjoyed meeting her. We have sent many emails to Susan and she has been very helpful to us. Thank you Susan and we hope to meet again someday.

Amy and Jordyn at breakfast.
Anna found this kitten at the amusement park and wanted a picture. The poor thing looked too young to be away from it's momma.

Again...the next pics are not for those with weak stomaches....Jordyn enjoyed eating authentic Chinese food again.

This is the fish we ate. yummy.

more pics of the food we tried. We were brave and discovered that we actually liked some of it. There is a very distinct flavor in the Hunan Province and some foods are very spicy.

Anna eating the vegtables.

More fish. MMM.

More pics of the food. This was pork and it was very good.

This is what the fish looked like before it was on our plate.

Jordyn and Jailynn's first meeting each other again. They were so happy and still are. case you did not see enough of the is some more.

Jordyn cannot wait to eat.

Anna and Jailynn at dinner.

Jailynn and Jordyn

Walking hand in hand....which is what they do everywhere we go.

Jailynn and Anna

Anna took this pic of her new dress. She had fun shopping in Changsha.

Awe...true sisters at last in every way!

Jailynn's 1st Thanksgiving

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The rest of our family

In case anyone was curious: Here are som pictures of my oldest son, Joey and his family. Joey and Kym have three children: my beloved grandbabies: Hayden 4yrs old, Noah 22 months old, and Phoenix 9 months old. We have been helping Joey and Kym get on their feet and they have been living with us since December. They are now able to get their own place and will move out in April. I will miss them and miss the babies. I will just have to babysit!

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I am Praising God tonight because He has Heard my cries and answered my prayers. We have recieved a generation donation from a wonderful family toward our fund raising efforts. We have also recieved generous donations from wonderful people through this website and through Jailynn's Prayer. So far, the total fundraising has reached a total of $4000!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank You! Thank you to everyone for helping us to bring Jailynn home! We are hoping to travel sometime this month and still need to raise money. I know that God is providing for our family through the unselfish and generous giving from special and wonderful people like you!

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