Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of those days!

Today has definately been one of those days! A day where nothing seems to have gone right. I had a bright idea on Saturday to rescue a puppy from the shelter because I had a momentary laps of reason. JonMarc has been asking for a puppy for the longest time and I think I was tired of hearing him ask. I found a cute australion shepherd mix at a shelter close to Fort Worth. It was quite a long drive but I thought it would be worth it to get go for the drive. The adoption fee was very low. That should have sounded an alarm right there. We saw the puppy and thought he was to adorable to pass up and adopted him. The shelter was a little dirty and the animals were not kept in very clean kennels. Another alrm should have went off. He had his vaccinations and so I assumed he was healthy. Everything seemed to be going well. The kids adore him and he is a sweet little guy. Then today, I noticed he had lost some weight and was not eating or drinking. The poor baby is sick with parvo. I have been giving him imodium and pedialyte and praying that he makes it. Parvo is the worse thing ever for little puppies and the smell is horrible. I am up all night nursing this poor baby to health and praying for him to make it. My kids will be sooo upset if he doesn't make it. Please pray for this little baby. The other part of this story is that we also have a cat with a broken leg that is not healing well. I was just at the Vet office with our kitty and found out that his leg has to be amputated. At the worse possible time when I am trying to save, save, save money to bring Jailynn home. The cats leg is not healing properly and will never function at all and has to be taken off. Poor Kitty, Poor puppy, oh and Poor Me! So what more can go wrong? The washing machine has decided to flood on every rinse cycle, that is what else can go wrong for me. I am not complaining. I am thankful that I am off work for the next 2 days to deal with the kitty, puppy, and washer. Just keeping it real.
God is always so Good. I did get an update on Jailynn from the orphanage. We are sending her a care package this week and Susan from Red Thread Adoption Gifts sent me an update:
You yu is in preschool and lives in school ,she will be back to the orphange when she has no classes ! Also You yu is doing very well with her school too.
So it is a small update but encouraging to hear bout my darling. I did not know that children can live at a school. I was suprised that she is not in a foster home like Jordyn was. I hope to find out more soon and have some pics of her care package and of her!
We are still praying for God's provision and waiting to hear our updated travel dates. Until then, keep praying!


Anonymous said...

Please look into this supplement, colostrum, for your animals (both the cat and dog!). Our pets see a holistic vet in addition to their normal vet. It's a life saver and miracle cure. Its called Colostrum, I have been administering it to my cat by sprinkling it on wet food or having him drink it mixed in milk or water (1/2 capsule a day). If you do some research on it, it may save your cats leg and your dogs life! :) Seacure,, is another one. Just want to share the info I paid the holistic vet so much to get! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Melanie said...

Thank you for your tips. Sadly, our beloeved puppy did not make it. JonMarc is heartbroken. He was a fighter and just could nto pull through the illness. Our kitten is doing fine and will have surgery soon.

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